Control System

The Dutch Thrustleader marine propulsion, control system is touch panel operated. The display enables user to monitor and operate each propulsion and thruster unit. All essential operations, such as system activation and deactivation, command transfer, backup-control and silencing of audible alarms can be conducted with the on screen pushbuttons and indicators. The components and functions comply with applicable main class rules (DNV GL, ABS, LR, CCS) for remote control of propulsion, thrusters. The integrated PLC can be configured according the different software programs available. The system is designed to make the operation of the thruster simple and intuitive.

The control system is designed with software compatible with all brands, diesel engines, frequency converters and hydraulic driven systems. A canopen or profinet protocol can be used.

Installation types:
- Ergonomic proportional joystick.
- All classification applicable alarms are standard.
- Wing panels communicate via a computer network.
- Command transfer between multiple operator stations.
- Oil level alarm can be switched on and off for system shut off +(extra safety).
- A shaft brake system control is built in.
- A Power.